My Roots

I grew up Italian in Massachusetts spending a lot of time outside, in the dirt, playing in puddles, collecting earthworms and salamanders, and drinking out of the garden hose. I ran around my Italian families’ 26-acre vegetable farm outside of Boston eating vegetables off the vine, shining tomatoes, sorting produce and bagging groceries. We also had a petting zoo with sheep, chickens, rabbits, and goats. I grew up surrounded by nature as a member of a wildly vibrant Italian family that ate together and had a passion for food, celebration and lots of talking!

I was raised by entrepreneurs and born to follow in their footsteps. My siblings, cousins and I picked berries off the trees in our backyard to set up our own farm stand. Mom says that from the very beginning, I would often pack my suitcase, march into the living room, and proclaim; “I’m going on a trip…!” I was in constant motion (still am!); looking and ready for what would come next. Years later I reflect upon “Life in the Fast Lane” in those early years, free of anything capable of keeping me from traveling or missing out on the next big thrill, adventure, or opportunity.


I was an undergraduate from 2003-2007 at Plymouth State University, famous for its physical education program. In the summers I coached at high school summer camps. I fell in love with “peak bagging,” climbing as many of the 4,000-ft mountains of the Presidential Range as I could, and also snow sports. My drive to be a leader started showing up in such activities as being Captain of the Field Hockey Team, winning the Eastern Athletic Conference Championship.


Four days after graduating college with a B.S. in Exercise Science and Nutrition, I went on a cross country drive with my chocolate lab Moose and my Guinea pig Bruschi to Lake Tahoe.  I started an outdoor bootcamp, endurance race training groups, led group fitness programs, and was a ski conditioning coach and personal trainer. I snowboarded over 100 days a year, and during time off, hiked and camped in the Desolation Wilderness with Moose. I developed a love for triathlons and other endurance events, and other obstacle races (think Tough Mudder!). I got a passport, started travelling internationally, and developed a passion for ocean sports during some extended trips to South America and Asia; surfing, swimming with turtles, and striving for the “endless summer”. Traveling the world became my life’s greatest joy, and I started working on how to combine my love for Wanderlust and freedom with a passion for health, wellness and coaching.

Home Base Maui

Moose and I moved to Maui on November 2, 2012, never having visited but hearing the island calling me, especially as a 26-year-old. Fueled by love and support from friends and family, and more determined than ever, Moose and I got on that plane.

For me, it was a reset, a refresh for the soul. I immediately connected with the Aloha Spirit and the astounding linking of mind, body, and soul that the Valley Isle awoke in me. I took a job at the local health club shortly after starting a “Mobile gym” business.  I became a contractor teaching and training at the Westin, Hyatt, Marriott, and Montage Hotels. I connected with the community and started hosting “Nightlife Fitness” events. 

I stopped drinking, applied principles of clean eating, simplified my life, and focused everything on growing my food, studying holistic nutrition, gardening and starting Farias Fitness LLC in 2013. With that came the study of “healthy alternatives to the things we love” (like paleo chicken Parmesan), and perhaps an unusually extreme interest in the gastrointestinal system and diseases of inflammation.

I was being invited to train and cook for clients in their homes to help them fit a healthy diet and workout regimen into their busy lives. The more I learned and “practiced what I preached”, the more my business grew, and the more knowledge and passion I was able to share. I read every diet book and scientifically reviewed research study I could find, and whole-heartedly adopted the “Eat Clean” approach to living. I continued to travel when I could.

Fleetwood Mac

In 2013 I was introduced by some of my clients to Mick Fleetwood, the drummer from my lifelong favorite band, Fleetwood Mac. After a few meetings and particularly memorable paddleboard lesson, I sent Mick a coaching strategy outlining a plan for a 45-lb weight loss, reduced arthritis, and getting into “fighting shape” for an upcoming world tour. Not long after embarking on my “Eat Clean” lifestyle change, Mick was reaching his weight loss goals, feeling better than ever, performing with a new youthful vigor, and had talked Christine McVie out of retirement and into returning to the band. Christine had never worked with a trainer or nutritionist before but could not have been more motivated to get “stage ready”, knowing the endurance required for the upcoming 130 show world tour.

I trained both of them every day and cooked all their meals. The fitness and wellness transformations I achieved with them led to an invitation to cook for and train with them on the world tour. Quite simply, it was a once in a lifetime experience of luxurious travel with the most dedicated musicians, friends, and tour group imaginable.

Home Base Oahu

In 2017 I decided I was ready to take a break from life on the road and moved to Oahu to spend more time with Moose. Sadly, Moose was diagnosed with cancer. Between the depression of my best four-legged friend getting sick, and leaving a glamorous life on the road, things were hard! I fell back on old habits from childhood:  I worked my butt off! I wanted to see what it was like to work at a large health club, to be part of a team again, and to work with a variety of clients.

Despite the best veterinary care and a successful amputation, Moose passed away, and I found myself without a dog for the first time in 11 years.

The silver lining, however, was an open road and the opportunity to put all of my energy into pursuing my dream of developing an online platform for my coaching. So, in early 2018, I decided to become the computer nerd I always wanted to be, and finding MyPTHub, the world’s leading personal training software. Now I can touch more people than ever before to help them achieve their wellness and fitness goals.

A short three months into launching my online platform, the fulfillment and gratification is far surpassing my wildest dreams. I am changing lives. My “Eat Clean” style of living, and the coaching theory I have developed, nurtured, and refined, is finally limitless in its ability to reach audiences around the world.

Let’s Get Real..

What makes me who I am is my life experiences, challenges and obstacles that make me able to relate to my clients. I know from experience that the struggle is real. Through life on the road, the glamourous years, the beautiful friendships, and the milestone accomplishments, I’ve dealt with my own chapters of self-doubt, body dysmorphia, failed relationships, fear of failure, family issues, injury, and emotional eating. I have a reverence for everyone, their unique situations, and their ability to make a contribution. I believe in my heart that the most important part of any relationship is trust. By providing that relationship in my coaching, I can guarantee success.

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