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I have devoted my life to helping people like you to achieve their best self. I am so excited to finally be offering my services online, through myPThub, a platform that encompasses all the important facets of health and fitness. Reaching a large audience, connecting with old clients and meeting new individuals from around the world has always been my dream.

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Christina told me, “This all may feel normal to you because these habits are ingrained for years.” She told me it would take six weeks to create new habits, six months to make them feel effortless, and after a year of creating new habits they would stay with me for life. I didn’t believe her.

But on June 4, 2019, I told her I’d give her six weeks, and if I felt better after that time I’d work through the rest of the summer and see if I could meet some goals.
My whole mindset of what wellness is has changed. It’s not just about having an organic salad every now and then between eating like shit. It’s not about having a really mindful yoga class two days a week and never sleeping. It’s not about losing 31 pounds (I’m now down to 208). Wellness is about feeling great, knowing that each day you’ve done something to head in the direction of improvement. With that newfound mindset, I’m able to face the stresses of the world and feeling healthier and happier at age 54 than I ever have before.

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Michael Franti

I recommend Christina Farias' program without hesitation to someone like me: a person with a long-standing orientation to fitness and wellness, resolved to step up their game, but needing a plan and a spark to break through the plateau. My special need was a rigorous, zero impact program of strength, conditioning, flexibility and balance. Once starting me on a workout program (more on that later!), Christina quickly diagnosed my nutritional imbalance, and once that nut was cracked, I dropped 25 pounds fast. I look and feel great, am in the best shape I've ever been in in my life, maintain a consistently high energy level, have improved my ability to listen to my body, and look years younger than my actual age. I chose Christina after interviews and trial sessions with other trainers, and have never looked back.


This has been an awesome experience & I’m so pleased with my results! I’m feeling stronger than ever. I have a better understanding of macros & how modifications affect my weight and my muscle strength, growth & recovery. I’m way more confident at the gym since I how a more complete vocabulary and knowledge of how to use different equipment. The workouts that you’ve had me doing are complex & fun! You’ve had me constantly challenging my mind & body to learn and execute challenging supersets and postures while adding more weight than I ever thought I was capable of. I’ve never used the bosu ball as much as I have in these past weeks. I’m absolutely blown away my my core strength and stability. My skills & endurance on my paddle board are improving now that I’m not wasting energy on balance. At least once a week, I’ve had someone at the gym stop me to ask about the moves I’m doing and want me to teach them how to do it! They either think I’m a trainer or ask what I’m training for. I tell them, I’m training for life! 😉 This has been extremely challenging & I’m so proud of myself for completing every workout. Thank you for helping me to change & strengthen my body and my confidence. Looking forward to continued trading with you!


Most people have a tough time losing weight. I am definitely one of those people! I love to work out and try to eat right, but no matter what I did I could never lose weight. This has been a frustrating struggle my whole life. I have done so many diets, I did crossfit for 4 years, met with countless "nutritionist", but nothing seemed to work. And none of those nutritionist spent more than 1 hour with me on a food plan. I started working with Christine Farias the beginning of June and completed the 6 week program. This journey truly changed by life for the better. For the first time, someone without judgement or agenda helped me through a healthy nutrition plan that worked for my body. Farias Fitness opened my eyes to a new and healthy way of life. During her 6 week program I lost 6.5 pounds, built tons of muscle and made many healthy lifestyle changes. The great part of all of this, is that I never felt like I was on a diet, instead I was learning the proper things to eat for my body. I would've never achieved that knowledge without all the help from Farias Fitness. I look forward to continuing working with Christina in the future.


Working with Christina is honestly the best thing I’ve done. She has an infectious attitude about taking care of yourself; and is incredibly knowledgeable and motivating. She keeps up with what I log into the app and is always responding to give me ideas, suggestions, and motivation. I love what I am learning and most importantly how I am feeling. The app is user friendly and Christina’s program is efficient, fun, delicious, and feasible for anyone. I love her philosophy that no fitness/ nutrition plan is one size fits all- no body is the same and she works diligently to tailor the program to each individual . I am very impressed!



The 6 week slim down was the best decision! I learned so much about diet, nutrition and exercise. I thought I knew a lot but so thankful to Christina for teaching me so much more! It was life changing. Stubborn fat is suddenly melting off. I’m very excited to learn even more! Thank you Christina

Nicole C.

Coach Christina’s Module 1 program is life changing. Prior to starting this program, I
was eating as much vegetables as I could because I thought that was all I needed to do to stay healthy.
Coach Christina’s program taught us the basics of flexible dieting along with everything else your body needs to stay healthy.
I had no idea what my body needed prior to this program. Christina explains everything
weekly in these amazing lessons, and in addition to that she provides all the tools you need to support her entire fitness program.
I wasn’t trying to cut weight, I was trying to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle which I
feel I am starting to achieve with Coach Christina’s help. I cannot wait to start Module 2.


After my “healthy woman’s” heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest I wanted to give myself the gift of a physical and emotional comeback. After working with Christina I have found the confidence in partnering and trusting my body again to evolve into the best version of myself. Not only
do I not have the extreme fatigue that most heart recovery patients experience I have energy and lean muscle so that I can continue to live a very healthy and active lifestyle with my husband and grown sons. My biggest physical win is that I recently learned to wake surf at 54!


I am so glad that I found Christina! Working with her has given me such peace of mind, and a really fit body! Since my teenage years, I have been aware of my weight, how my body looked and performed. I was either gaining weight or losing weight. I really didn’t know how to maintain my weight because I didn’t understand how my body works- how the food I eat, the water I
drink, the sleep I get and the exercise I do affects how well my body functions as a whole. Her holistic approach gives one the keys to the kingdom for a truly sustainable and healthy lifestyle.
Working with her is fun and as long as you are open, curious, and ready to follow the plan, you will get results!


Christina’s program is a gateway for the change we all need to stay healthy our whole life. Over the course of nine months  my whole body structure has changed and I’m stronger than ever at 38 years old. I feel more beautiful than I ever have and I am confident in any workout environment to achieve an amazing workout. The program is extremely flexible and as our time is very limited these day Christina makes it easy to plan your week knowing that you’re going to come out on top. Not only am I free from allergies but I’m also the only one in the household who’s not getting sick nowadays. I attest it all to Christina‘s gut health optimization and well-rounded dietary coaching that I can easily put in place. Give it a chance, it will change your life for the better!

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