Lifestyle Change Coaching

“Without the solid foundation of health, we will crumble.”

I will help you maximize your motivation and efforts to optimize your health and wellness level with a new understanding and lifestyle approach that will translate to all facets of living your best life!

We have all been misled for years by information reported as “science” about what is “good” and “bad” for us. We’ve been made to think that various professionals’ “one-size-fits-all” approach, products, or popular diet fads hold the magical key to all the sundry requirements of everyone in the world.

Nothing can be so farther away from reality than this.

It has left us tired, overweight, sick and often feeling defeated. The truth is that we all have different metabolisms and body types. We all utilize fats, proteins, and carbs differently. Eating to meet your own body’s specific nutritional needs will result in permanent weight loss, higher energy levels, and a rejuvenated zest for life!





My program is designed to increase your metabolic efficiency, fight systemic inflammation, and retrain your body to avoid storing fat both inside and out. My workouts are meant to strengthen and increase muscle tissue, increase lean mass, and retrain the mind-to-muscle connection through balance and flexibility, without over stressing or taxing our systems, unlike so many modern trendy workout methods.  These programs are all guaranteed to help you in your goal of achieving a long-lasting, healthy and disease free life!

***After you purchase my coaching program we will work together to schedule a start date for our initial road-mapping session based upon both of our availability. Recurring payments will begin from 1 month after our start date.***

Ultimate Monthly Coaching

This program focuses on a deep-dive into nutrition and fitness, where we create a customized program to take you from your current level of knowledge and fitness to where every you want to be. It includes personalized workouts and meal plans, tailored to your schedule and current fitness level, with the added accountability of weekly video check-ins. 


  • This program includes up to five workouts a week, we will make a workout plan based on your fitness level and schedule.
  • We will modify workouts as necessary based on equipment available and schedule changes. 
  • This program is best for clients looking for a deeper understanding of nutrition. 

The plan includes

  • Health & weight history evaluation.
  • Weekly lifestyle scheduling, including meal timing and workouts.
  • Meal plan templates based on finding the most realistic approach to creating healthy eating habits. This includes flexible dieting, meal templates, &/OR meal prep recipe templates.
  • Premium Membership to online forum with access to hundreds of Eat Clean Meal Prep Recipes.
  • Comprehensive Eat Clean grocery list.
  • In-app food journaling.
  • Weekly macro-assessments.
  • Weekly video check-ins.
  • Regular accountability check-ins.
  • FitBit comprehensive tracking – this program requires you to have or order a Fitbit!
  • Health history evaluation
  • Weekly lifestyle scheduling
  • Meal plans
  • Food prep recipes
  • Grocery lists
  • In-app food journal
  • Weekly macro-manipulation
  • Weekly video check-ins
  • Daily accountability check-ins
  • FitBit compatibility
  • Hundreds of Recipes
  • Forum Access
  • And more!

Part of a group?

Science has proven that its easier to reach your goals when you have an accountability buddy. We can create a custom group coaching experience for your friend group or for your office.

Just looking for access to great workouts and recipes?

Come check out the Farias Fitness Forum! I post my recipes, workouts and meal plans here for my personal coaching and subscribed members to talk about!