Let’s Talk: Potassium! And what it does for your body.

Could the 3rd most abundant mineral in your body be underestimated? Most of it is found in cells, with 80% in your muscles, and the rest in your liver cells, blood cells, and bones. Classified as an electrolyte, it is highly reactive in water. When dissolved, it turns into positively charged ions, which are key for conducting electricity. This electric potential is used to transmit signals across synapses, and down your muscles. 

Potassium is not your only ion however, so keeping the right balance of ions:water will keep you healthy. The concentration of electrolytes in your cells, blood and other bodily fluids helps keep the right amount of water in your body. Potassium is typically found inside your cells, with sodium outside of your cells (you can find both of these in most sports drinks). When this ratio is off, water will migrate, causing cells to either shrink or grow too big and burst, which is definitely not healthy!

What’s the best way to keep your balance?

Eat a potassium-rich diet & stay hydrated! 

Unprocessed foods have the highest levels of potassium. Here are a few of my favorite Potassium rich foods: 

  • Avocados

  • Spinach

  • Beets 

  • Kale 

  • Swiss chard 

  • Organic oatmeal 

  • Gluten free grains

  • Bananas

  • Oranges

  • Sweet potatoes

  • White beans

  • Wild fish 

  • Organic chicken