I recommend Christina Farias’ program without hesitation to someone like me: a person with a long-standing orientation to fitness and wellness, resolved to step up their game, but needing a plan and a spark to break through the plateau. My special need was a rigorous, zero impact program of strength, conditioning, flexibility and balance. Once starting me on a workout program (more on that later!), Christina quickly diagnosed my nutritional imbalance, and once that nut was cracked, I dropped 25 pounds fast. I look and feel great, am in the best shape I’ve ever been in in my life, maintain a consistently high energy level, have improved my ability to listen to my body, and look years younger than my actual age. I chose Christina after interviews and trial sessions with other trainers, and have never looked back.


This has been an awesome experience & I’m so pleased with my results! I’m feeling stronger than ever. I have a better understanding of macros & how modifications affect my weight and my muscle strength, growth & recovery. I’m way more confident at the gym since I how a more complete vocabulary and knowledge of how to use different equipment. The workouts that you’ve had me doing are complex & fun! You’ve had me constantly challenging my mind & body to learn and execute challenging supersets and postures while adding more weight than I ever thought I was capable of. I’ve never used the bosu ball as much as I have in these past weeks. I’m absolutely blown away my my core strength and stability. My skills & endurance on my paddle board are improving now that I’m not wasting energy on balance. At least once a week, I’ve had someone at the gym stop me to ask about the moves I’m doing and want me to teach them how to do it! They either think I’m a trainer or ask what I’m training for. I tell them, I’m training for life! 😉 This has been extremely challenging & I’m so proud of myself for completing every workout. Thank you for helping me to change & strengthen my body and my confidence. Looking forward to continued trading with you!


Most people have a tough time losing weight. I am definitely one of those people! I love to work out and try to eat right, but no matter what I did I could never lose weight. This has been a frustrating struggle my whole life. I have done so many diets, I did crossfit for 4 years, met with countless “nutritionist”, but nothing seemed to work. And none of those nutritionist spent more than 1 hour with me on a food plan. I started working with Christine Farias the beginning of June and completed the 6 week program. This journey truly changed by life for the better. For the first time, someone without judgement or agenda helped me through a healthy nutrition plan that worked for my body. Farias Fitness opened my eyes to a new and healthy way of life. During her 6 week program I lost 6.5 pounds, built tons of muscle and made many healthy lifestyle changes. The great part of all of this, is that I never felt like I was on a diet, instead I was learning the proper things to eat for my body. I would’ve never achieved that knowledge without all the help from Farias Fitness. I look forward to continuing working with Christina in the future.


Working with Christina is honestly the best thing I’ve done. She has an infectious attitude about taking care of yourself; and is incredibly knowledgeable and motivating. She keeps up with what I log into the app and is always responding to give me ideas, suggestions, and motivation. I love what I am learning and most importantly how I am feeling. The app is user friendly and Christina’s program is efficient, fun, delicious, and feasible for anyone. I love her philosophy that no fitness/ nutrition plan is one size fits all- no body is the same and she works diligently to tailor the program to each individual . I am very impressed!