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      I am so excited to be welcoming you to the launch of my Farias Fitness Forum Family!!!

      This forum is a collection of my recipes and workouts and Articles.

      It will also become my haven for sharing my knowledge, programs, and coaching tips as you begin your journey to Lifestyle Change.

      For my currently enrolled Lifestyle Change coaching clients, this forum is a place to access my “Eat Clean” meal prep recipes; as well as meet, interact, engage, and learn from. You will have full access to the forum always.

      Because spots in my one-on-one coaching is limited; this forum will be my way to spread my reach and build this wellness “family” closer.

      You will, in hopes, use the forum to gain the knowledge and understanding it takes in order to really put in the work it takes to create new HABITS. We will practice, by building self – discipline, creating routine, and yes….its actually super fun when you start to feel freakin’ amazing and happy and energized!

      It is by this understanding of our own self – through awareness and diligent calculated assessment of your own current lifestyle; that will give us the tools we need.

      With these tools, you will build and develop your lifestyle maps.

      Strategies shared, encouraged, & introduced to you will be reflected upon and chosen, then implemented as you create your own customized approach to your best serving lifestyle changes.

      I strongly encourage you to get a fitbit!!!
      Energy tracking is invaluable.

      Oh last thing!!!!

      What about YOU!?!?

      Please, introduce yourself!!!!

      We all have so much in common, and SO much to learn from eachother!

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      Mark Taintor

      My name is Mark ; my goal is to lose 25 lbs and start an exercise program to become more fit. I am 73 yrs young. I get some exercise working on the property in Hawaii.

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