Lifestyle Change Coaching With Farias Fitness

Hey, Coach Christina here!
Congratulations on your wise decision to consider investing your energy and effort into creating a better quality of life. But why select me to help you on your way? 

What is a lifestyle change specialist?

That means I work with clients in all  components of their lives that affect their health, wellness, and performance. I assess their current lifestyle, habits, and routines; and work with them on, meal timing, sleep, diet, workout programs, and other aspects to help them thrive. I work with clients to track energy output and input, to find the perfect balance, resurface their fountain of youth, and achieve their goals.

All-encompassing software

I have customized the industry’s leading personal training software that is compatible with all of our devices, MyPThub.

Here are only some of things it can do:

  • Easy to follow workouts with videos and descriptions.
  • All encompassing in app food logging with 600,000+ foods.
  • Fitbit synchronization, and tons of progress tracking features.
  • Easy uploading of measurements and progress photos.
  • In-app direct messaging, daily check-ins and accountability with me.
    Online scheduling and appointment scheduling.
  • Downloadable file sharing with my “Eat Clean” cookbook, nutrition templates, meal prep recipes with macros included, and tons of other valuable content.
  • All payments and packages paid and documented in one place with recurring payment options.

Why Farias Fitness?

Thanks for checking me out! Your journey to optimal health and wellness is your own unique story, and I would love to be part of it. If one of the coaching options sounds like a fit for you, you have a specific question, or you would like more information any of the programs, don’t hesitate to be in touch!

I can help you maximize your motivation and optimize your health and wellness level with a new understanding and lifestyle approach that will translate to living all facets of your best life!  I look forward to connecting with you.

-Coach Christina  

My Program Just Works:

I have devoted my life to helping people like you achieve their best self. We could work together towards a lifestyle that:

  • helps us flourish,
  • helps build abundant confidence,
  • tremendously increases your energy and stamina, and
  • is filled with self-love and awareness.

Our biggest accomplishment together could be a life free of extra weight, pain, suffering, disease and injury.

It’s Customized to You:

I know from experience that we all have different metabolisms and body types. I have demonstrated repeated success in helping clients, learn new habits, eat for their body type, build lean mass,  achieve permanent weight loss, achieve higher energy levels, and experience a rejuvenated zest for life!

My Moves are All-Encompassing:

Creativity meets content with my Farias Fitness original moves, a combination of various exercise methods fused together in what I call “brain games”. I have fused various exercise genres such as traditional strength training, yoga, Pilates, TRX, Bosu ball, and plyometric movements, to create effective and safe programs. My workouts create just enough stress on the body to promote effective muscle growth and energy output. What makes these Farias Fitness Functional Moves so effective is that they strengthen the mind-to-muscle connection through balance and flexibility. I will work with you to prevent over-taxing your systems, unlike some trendy workout programs. Clients have found My Moves to be engaging, creative, challenging, and efficient!

I Provide Premium Content:

All my programs are designed to increase your metabolic efficiency, fight systemic inflammation, and retrain your body to avoid storing fat. They are all guaranteed to help you in your goal of achieving a long-lasting, healthy and disease-free life. I will teach you to create schedules and routines to maximize your efforts, tailored to your personal schedule each week.  

No question online coaching is different than one-on-one personal training. This is where your commitment comes in. I rely on you to at least start out invested in making progress, and I promise to use every trick in the book to keep you engaged and moving forward? I’ll provide you all the information you need to embark on a path repeatedly proven to achieve results. We’ll use tools to ensure we remain accountable to each other. You need to obtain access to a gym, learn to listen to your body, pay close attention to form to avoid injury, be honest with me, and have a minimum amount of patience. I make no judgements and am grateful simply for the opportunity to help you on your journey.

The best coaching option for you depends on:
  • your goals;
  • your experience with physical training;
  • your current fitness level;
  • your available time;
  • And, of course, your budget!

So, please take a moment to explore the customized coaching options. I am on a journey too, and welcome your feedback on how we can make these programs best suit your individual needs.